Berd Club

Currently we are in a process of creating the first Berd club (league). The Berd club will organize Berd game meetups and tournaments. Club members will share ideas in developing new variations of the Berd game and promote them to the public. Anyone can join to the Berd club by attending the Berd game meetups and accumulating at least 10,000 points (or 200 tokens) in games with different players. In order to formalize this process players who want to join the Berd club should register in and post their accumulated points.

The Berd club members will have the following benefits:

  • Free game meetups;
  • Free participation in Tournaments;
  • Team up with friends to play the Berd team game option;
  • Participation in the development of new games;
  • Discounts at purchasing or upgrading the Berd game;
  • Renting the game

Please contact to if you are interested in joining the Berd club.