Berd is a new strategy game that has a simple but unique playing concept. The goal of the game is to collect the most amount of tokens of any color by the end of the game. Playing pieces in the Berd game have ability to attach/detach to each other. That allows players to move a stack of tokens like a single unit and split the structure when needed. Using interlocking blocks players can create towers and a certain type of tower – Berd has unique properties that make this game special.


Here are some interesting facts about the Berd game:

• The design of the Berd game is specially made simple underlying an easy and logical concept of the game. However the Berd is a serious game and players have to think strategically in order to win.

• The board of the Berd game has a shape of a square castle from top view. In fact the starting/finishing corner squares are specially designed large for accommodating four color stack of tokens.

• The “Berd” is an ancient word that stands for a fortress or prison. The Berd has dual functions: as a protective structure for your own tokens and as a prison for the opponents’ token(s). These two purposes of the Berd are important aspects of the game strategy. 

• The number of players in the Berd game can be from 2 to 16

• The Berd is very versatile game: there are many options of the game. In fact the Berd is more than one game; it’s like a game production kit. Using the unique concept of the Berd, gamers can develop new games. There is a version of the Berd game where players can trade tokens with other players. There is a Berd game without dice played by two players. The Berd can be played by teams as well.

• Duration of any option of the Berd game depend on how many tokens are played. So players can set up a rapid game of 10 minutes or a long game of 90 minutes.

• The “Berd” game can be setup in few seconds.

• The “Berd” game can be adjusted for luck and strategy. By employing more tokens in the game it tends toward a strategy game and using a longer path board the luck of dice dominates.

• The interlocking blocks in the “Berd” game are made of high quality ABS plastic with thick walls, so they can last forever without wearing and breaking.

• The Berd game perfectly fits for tournaments because players can accumulate collected tokens (or points) in series of games with different players.

• The Berd is the only game that offers options of the abstract strategy game; strategy game with dice; trading game; team game and combinations of all the above.

• The Berd game is ideal for educating children, especially when using value assigned tokens. The game can also help developing strategic thinking.

• The Berd game is granted U.S. utility Patent# 9962603B2.

• The Berd is a registered trademark.